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    You may use this form to make complaints against regulated utility companies such as electric,
    telephone, cable, natural gas or privately owned water companies) and for complaints against
    unregulated broadband or wireless telephone providers. You may also provide comments, ask
    questions or seek assistance with utility related issues.

    To make a complaint against a propane or fuel oil provider or any other private business,
    Please contact the Attorney General's Consumer Assistance Program

    Shortly after we receive this form, you will receive an e-mail or call from a staff person to
    acknowledge your submission and request additional information. If you do not receive a
    response within two business days, you may call 800-622-4496 or e-mail to confirm that your submission was received.

    For alternative ways to reach CAPI, visit our contact page.

Please enter the type of utility & name of the company.
If this is a complaint about your service, please select "Account Holder".
If you are submitting a complaint on behalf of someone else choose one of the other two options.
An "authorized person" is someone who has the permission of the account holder to discuss the account with the company.
Complainant Phones 
Please provide the phone number associated with your account and a number that we can use to contact you (if different).
Use the plus(+) sign at the bottom of the panel to add additional info.
Complainant Address 
If your mailing address and service address are different, please provide both.
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